A dedicated, longstanding community activist and highly respected politician, Julie Girling has held a variety of roles across her extensive career. With a particular interest in the environment, she now works in an advisory capacity.

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The idea of a "progressive alliance" as an effective opposition is dead . Latest polls giving Johnson a 10 point lead say it all. Lab,Lib and greens are not up to it. Time for something new @RenewParty

The UK, an island in the Atlantic Ocean, is joining the bloc of countries in the UN that face the Pacific Ocean.

The Great British War On Geography continues. https://twitter.com/ottocrat/status/1447600236512305157

For econ students: it is not panic when people buy petrol today, but a rational response to others doing likewise

Shouting “don’t panic” will fail

As Mervyn King said of the run on Northern Rock: “once that run had started people were not behaving illogically in joining it”

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