A dedicated, longstanding community activist and highly respected politician, Julie Girling has held a variety of roles across her extensive career. With a particular interest in the environment, she now works in an advisory capacity.

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This was Stroud, not the other side of the planet. And most PPCs cut their campaigning teeth in other constituencies. @mpmwilko also served on Chelt Council. I could name a barrister who didn't . . . https://twitter.com/giffyp/status/1204336989937524736

So now @LordSugar_ is telling us to vote for @BorisJohnson along with Trump, Putin, Orban, Bolsonaro & so many others with zero integrity ...I don't think I'll be listening to his advice. #VoteTacticallyNotTribally lots of advice available. I think @remainutd does a good job.

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