A dedicated, longstanding community activist and highly respected politician, Julie Girling has held a variety of roles across her extensive career. With a particular interest in the environment, she now works in an advisory capacity.

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🥶 Blue party absorbed with palace coup against the boys’ club

😡 Red party absorbed by factional in-fighting

😾 We deserve sooooo much better

👉🏽 It’s only the voting system that gives so much power to these two parties, both of which are failing us



Citizens of 32 countries previously enjoyed free movement between 32 countries.

31 countries will now enjoy free movement between 31 countries.

One country will now enjoy free movement between zero countries.

Priti Patel thinks you should celebrate being that country. https://twitter.com/pritipatel/status/1325828317665177600

After his car-crash interview with @piersmorgan it now looks like @Nigel_Farage has cocked up his Brexit Party rebrand. @RenewParty has lodged a complaint with @ElectoralCommUK on grounds the change is likely to mislead voters. Wouldn’t be the first time Farage has done that. https://twitter.com/RenewParty/status/1324386795245785088

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