A dedicated, longstanding community activist and highly respected politician, Julie Girling has held a variety of roles across her extensive career. With a particular interest in the environment, she now works in an advisory capacity.

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Can anyone else remember when the budget was released on budget day and not as part of a weekend PR campaign to test public reaction and fine tune any outliers?

A lot of headlines today about the major slump in the economy being offset with screams of “BOUNCEBACK COMING.”

This absolutely must be taken with a pinch of salt to avoid our national optimism bias becoming more unhealthy than it already is.

Steady hands and cool heads needed.

First #Veganuary & now #Februdairy 🥱🥱
What about a good old debate around having a healthy planet supporting healthy people. I'll call it #WinWinuary #lightbulbmoment?

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