A dedicated, longstanding community activist and highly respected politician, Julie Girling has held a variety of roles across her extensive career. With a particular interest in the environment, she now works in an advisory capacity.

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...as NFU President, Minette Batters, rightly calls for minimum standards for imports and trade “on our terms”. In the end, what farming needs a revolution in ecological practices, firm guidence and bold leadership. @renewparty https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/25/the-end-of-farming-rewilding-intensive-agriculture-food-safety?CMP=share_btn_tw&page=with:img-2#img-2

A passport is only worth the rights it confers. It means nothing inside ones own country. This passport is weaker than the one it replaces, symbolising the removal of our rights to move and operate freely across our own continent. It therefore represents abject political failure. https://twitter.com/ukhomeoffice/status/1231141577289957377

The more I read about Dominic Cummings, about his interpersonal skills and his methods and his outlook, the more I conclude that he's not actually that radical or forward-thinking or intriguingly disruptive. He's just something rather old-fashioned: a bully.

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