Expenses and Lobbying

Regular visitors to my site will know that I have always published my expenses online in my news updates. To make it even easier for you to see my full expenses returns, we have now created this page on the site.

I was elected in 2009. Expenses are reported every 6 months from January to June, July to December. I have also provided the full expenses list of other MEPs for your convenience.

This page now also features a lobbying report for all Conservative MEPs for your reference.

Conservative lobbying policy can be found here.

Code governing expenses and allowances for Conservative MEPs

The Delegation of British Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament is committed to the highest standards of propriety in public life. Each Conservative MEP undertakes to abide by the Rules governing the Payment of Expenses and Allowances to Members (PEAM) of the European Parliament. Conservative MEPs will meet additional common requirements for transparency and accounting regarding their allowances and expenses. These are set out in this Code, which will be appended to the Rules of Procedure of the Delegation. It will take effect on 1 September 2008.

Declaration of Financial Interests
‘Right to Know’ Form
Annual Statement
European Parliament Allowances
General Expenditure Allowance (GEA)
Secretarial Assistance Allowance (SAA)
Travel Allowance
Daily Allowance
Paying Agents and Service Providers
Annual Certification of Members’ accounts

The Conservative Delegation supports the reform of allowances/expenses rules in the new Members’ Statute, for which they have campaigned, and which is due to take effect from June 2009. This Code will be updated to take account of the changes it will bring, for example in relation to the Travel Allowance.