Girling helps deliver simpler energy labels on household products

MEP Julie Girling is backing new labelling rules to help customers choose low-energy “white goods” such as cookers and fridges.

The new rules making energy-labelling much more simple and clear were voted through by the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (Tuesday).

The existing system includes the rankings A+, A++ and A+++ – so a product with an A rating may be one of the most inefficient and expensive to run. The new labels will give ratings from A to G.

The legislation also introduces a publicly-available product database to help people make choices based on more than just purchase cost. It is anticipated that these new calculations can be factored into price-comparison websites and apps.

Mrs Girling, Conservative MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said: “The current system is pretty opaque. It confuses shoppers, while manufacturers who take care to produce efficient devices don’t get the clear recognition they deserve.

“The new regime will make it far easier for consumers to make cleaner, greener, cheaper choices. At present it is easy to think you are doing well by buying a cheap fridge, but then to find the saving quickly disappears in extra energy costs.”