Letwin Amendment Passes – Now Is Our Time.

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This afternoon, parliament voted to pass Oliver Letwin’s amendment by 322 votes to 306. This vote is crucial as it forces the government to allow time for parliament to properly scrutinise Boris Johnson’s deal, and expose it for the damaging blueprint that it promotes. Boris can no longer sneak his disastrous deal under the noses of parliament and the people.

It is now to be seen whether Johnson obeys the Benn Act and requests a delay from the EU – Johnson is legally required to do this, and we need to make sure we apply the right pressure to make sure it happens.

It also presents us with an opportunity. The delay that it will mean will give us time to plan for a People’s Vote. The Conservatives have now had over 3 years to find a way to work out Brexit, but the truth is becoming clearer and clearer by the minute: Brexit doesn’t work.

The only way to break the deadlock and avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit is a People’s Vote – to give the choice back to the people and allow them to have the final say on the issue. Parliament has failed time and time again to find any solution that can command a majority, and this decision is bigger than them.

This is why we’ve been out campaigning alongside 1 million others, talking to people and creating a sense of community and kinship with people united by one will – to have their voices heard.

Together we can make a change.

Together we can Renew the UK.

Renew will keep fighting
Now more than ever we need your help. As Britain’s future remains up in the air, we have the chance to make a real difference and make sure our future is on the right path.

We are a grassroots operation, and we rely on support from our incredible volunteers and members to keep us going.


Julie Girling

Renew Interim Leader

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