Parliament Has Voted Down Johnson’s Timetable

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In this evening’s vote, Parliament voted down the government’s three-day timetable by 322 to 308. Parliament has come to its senses and realised that Johnson’s attempt to rush through the legislation without scrutiny was reckless and damaging

Johnson earlier told MPs that if the EU accepted the latest extension request, this defeat would mean that he would seek a general election. 

We are prepared to fight an election if it happens. We have been laying the groundwork and building our platform. But it is not what the country needs at this crucial moment. It would be a distraction from the main issue of Brexit, a waste of time, and would be an opportunity for the government to focus on personalities and not policy. 

The only way to break the deadlock and avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit is a People’s Vote – to give the choice back to the people and allow them to have the final say on the issue. This is why we were out alongside 1 million other people marching on Saturday. Parliament has failed time and time again to find any solution that can command a majority, and this decision is bigger than them. 

Renew will keep fighting

If there is a general election, we will need everyone – all our supporters, members, volunteers, candidates – to get behind us and give us their full backing.

Together we can make a difference. 

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Julie Girling

Renew Interim Leader

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